Holiday/Birthday Pay

How often do you opt to fly on your birthday or on a Holiday? Ever wanted to know how to maximize your pay on that trip? Try our Holiday Pay calculator. It's as simple as entering your Pairing, date trip starts and the Holiday/Birthday.

Maximize Pay

"Rule of Thumb" for Holiday pay: fly a one day high time pairing or fly an international trip with your Birthday/Holiday falling in the middle of the trip for maximum pay.

Pairing Details

With each Holiday Pay entry, the app will also display the original Pairing (KeyPage) with full pay details.


Maximum Duty Time

NOTE: Only applies for International Trips/Pairing
It's not often you find yourself on a long delay at the gate and the clock is ticking... what time do you go illegal or when should that door close?

Our Maximum Duty Time calculator is based on the current contract for International pairings. Simply enter the Pairing ID and Flight Number, and the app will calculate your Maximum Duty Time and Door Closure Time. The original pairing details (KeyPage) will also display from this search.

Or click the option at the bottom by providing the following flight details (Military Time):

  • Scheduled Departure Time
  • Scheduled Flight Time
  • Scheduled Duty Time


Known Crew Member (KCM)

View real-time KCM locations, updated directly from their website. Scroll through the list or enter an airport code.

Simply click any of the station codes to view the KCM station within the airport/map and its operating schedule.

Visit KCM:

CrewRest App

We have "bundled" our FREE Inflight CrewRest app that is available in the app stores for both iOS and Android users. If you have not installed this valuable app on your device, you will be redirect to the App Store to download.

International Flights

CrewRest is a simple airline crew rest/break application/calculator for determining rest periods for either flight attendants or pilots on long-haul international flights.


Pre-installed with over 100 major Destinations, create a Favorites list, calculate rest periods with consideration to Land Service (for flight attendants). Calculate two, three, four or five rest periods for a single flight. Apply a custom gap period between each break - useful for mid-flight service.. plus other features. Download now for FREE!


United AFA

We have included this very important link to United's AFA website, which you can find within the Crew Legalities section of the app.

For quick reference, you will also find an immediate link to your Base/Council AFA-dedicated website.

United AFA:

CCS Master Codes

Find definition and full description of all CCS Master codes viewable in the Master Schedule, EBB Error codes and other areas of CCS.

Bid Matrices

Display monthly Bid Matrices that includes International and Domestic Matrices, Work Positions, Type of Flying, Staffing Guides and the complete FLT LINE call symantecs.


Hotel Finder

Access a complete list of AFA and ALPA certified crew hotels throughout the United system. You can search by City name, Airport code or by domiciles from the Action drop down list.

A comprehensive list of hotels will display for each search query with options to Call the hotel, view a Google Map display, perform a Yelp search of nearby services/restaurants or display/add hotel comments.

This is a great tool in sharing hotel layover experiences with fellow crew members.

Crew CrashPads

We have extended the ability to List Crashpads that you either manage or know of someone that would like to list a CrashPad. If you need a Crashpad or are looking for one and do not see a listing, you can easily place a "Need Ad" reaching a system-wide audience of fellow crew members.

Crew CrashPads listings is available for free to all active ualbyphone users and extends the communication and notification functions of the app notifying the user of incoming messages and listing inquiries.

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